Protein Fight Club TV

“Motorcycles” :15

“Cereal” :15

“Schmear” :15

“Rope Climb” :15

When we came up with the idea for Protein Fight Club, we spent a lot of time trying to figure out the absolute best pairings Milk could go up against.

Some of them got a bit weird.

And some of them got even weirder.

But this is how we like to work and present ideas: as actual hand-drawn sketches.

That way, our clients and artists are part of the process. And if clients hate it at this stage, you haven’t wasted hours and hours comping for nothing.


In our culture of protein-hounding, MilkPEP wanted to remind America that Milk has protein, too. Always has. We gave them Protein Fight Club: a world where milk goes up against other breakfast foods—some with more protein, some with less—to show that milk has a drinkable, pourable protein of its own.

We were mildly enthused to be able to partner with director Eric Wareheim on these. And at last count, the campaign has more than 3 million views on YouTube.

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Deutsch, Inc: Agency

Greg DiNoto: Chief Creative Officer

Bernie Hogya: Group Creative Director

Jeremy Bernstein: Group Creative Director

Karyn Pascoe: Group Creative Director

Luke Hughett: Associate Creative Director

Sean Lee: Associate Creative Director

Lauren Ziffer: Producer

Eric Wareheim: Director

Kyle Brown: Editor

Steve Rosen: Sound Design


Associate Creative Directors


Milk PEP


September 2013


TV, Web Video